The Deanship of the School of Health Sciences of Ioannina University, taking into account:

  1. the provisions of the Law 4009/2011 "Structure, operation, quality assurance of studies and internationalization of higher education" (Government Gazette A' 195 – 06/09/11)
  2. the decision of the Senate of the University of Ioannina (session no 959/22-07-10) and
  3. the Internal Regulation of Ioannina University (Government Gazette B' 310 – 10/03/05)

has defined that, in order to consider the recommendations for granting the Honorary Professor's or Honorary Doctor's title, it is a prerequisite that the following be attached to each proposal :

  1. A nomination letter/proposal substantiated on behalf of the undersigned academic staff members, along with the sanction of the relevant Sector of the Faculty.
  2. A recent, detailed Curriculum Vitae of the nominee for the Honorary Professor's or Honorary Doctor's title, outlining his/her distinguished academic and social contribution throughout his/her academic career.
  3. A documented proposal demonstrating his/her future contribution to our School and to our Institution from the position of the Honorary Professor or that of the Honorary Doctor.
  4. A proposition on behalf of the proposers/(or nominators) concerning the covering of the nomination ceremony costs (travel and accommodation expenses).