International OrientationOne of the main purposes of the School of Health Sciences, ever since it was founded, has been its international orientation and extroversion. Our primary goal is that of developing close relationships with our European and international surroundings.

This goal is achieved to a certain extent through the cooperation of the members of our Faculties and Departments with foreign Universities and Research Institutes, in the context of research programmes, projects and collaborations, through the opportunities offered to both students and staff by participating actively in mobility and exchange programmes, as well as through international Summer Schools.

Our School aims at establishing our bonds with other foreign Universities within the next three years by focusing mainly on contracting bilateral agreements, cooperation protocols and memorandums of understanding with Universities and Scientific Institutions worldwide.

Cooperation protocols and memorandums of understanding between our School and foreign Universities and Scientific Institutions

  • French-Hellenic Association of Otorhinolaryngology ("ASSOCIATION FRANCO-HELLENIQUE D'OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGIE"), 11/11/2006
  • Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI-EU) 2009


International Summer School

Labriadios Ecology Station, 2014