According to the provisions of Law 4009/2011 "Structure, operation, quality assurance of studies and internationalization of higher education" (Government Gazzette A' 195 – 06/09/11), as amended and in force under the provisions of Law 4076/2012- "Regulations of matters related to Higher Education Institutions and other provisions" – (Government Gazzette A' 159 – 10/08/12), the Faculty/Department constitutes the main educational and academic unit of the University, it promotes science, technology or arts in the respective field of science and organizes teaching within the Programme of Studies, ensuring continuous and lifelong learning.

The School comprises of two Faculties/Departments:

The aim of the Faculty of Medicine is to provide students with an integrated theoretical and clinical knowledge of the human physiology and pathology, and to offer them excellent scientific training for their future medical profession.

The mission of the Department of Biological Applications and Technologies is to develop and advance the science of Biology and provide students with the opportunity to study life in all its complexity and diversity (at a functional, molecular and cellular level), providing knowledge and fostering basic and applied technological research along two axes: (i) the pursuit of new knowledge in the entire spectrum of life sciences with an emphasis on technology and its applications and (ii) the development of innovative tools for the study, utilization, management and protection of living resources and habitats and for the production of new materials and therapeutics at a local and national level.