According to the provisions of Law 4009/2011 "Structure, operation, quality assurance of studies and internationalization of higher education" (Government Gazzette A' 195 – 06/09/11), as amended and in force under the provisions of Law 4076/2012 "Regulations of matters related to Higher Education Institutions and other provisions" (Government Gazzette A' 159 – 10/08/12), the Deanship of the School consists of the following:

α) The Dean of the School,
β) The Heads of the Faculties/Departments,
γ) one representative of the School's students, with no voting rights


The current composition of the Deanship is:

  • Dean: Margaret Tzaphlidou, Professor of Medical Physics, Faculty of Medicine
  • Head of the Faculty of Medicine: Minas Paschopoulos, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
  • Head of the Department of Biological Applications and Technologies: Theoni Trangas, Professor of Biochemistry